Automate your customer journey.

Publish dynamic, multi-channel automations that let your marketing make your business money whilst you sleep.
  • Send email, SMS, live chat in real-time
  • Trigger automations for anonymous visitors
  • Beautiful drag and drop interface

"Insanely powerful software, yet so easy to use.”

Companies who care about their customer journey choose us

Playful design.

Drag, drop, connect — and you're done! We've create a beautiful canvas for you to create and removed all the boundaries to truly let your ideas flourish. Easily create simple or complex workflows to accomplish your automation dreams with just a few waves of your wand.

Real-time feedback.

As you create your automations see your data flow through it in real-time making it easy to debug issues and know that it's working. No longer doubt if something is working anymore.

Test with confidence.

We created a series of testing tools to allow you to see which automations are working, what paths people will go down, and how they will trigger. Like most things in Bento, this stops you from worrying and doubting your work allowing you to move forward with confidence.

Update profiles.

Change a visitors or subcribers custom fields, tags, or subscription status based on how they interact with your website empowering you to create amazing levels of detail that is only possible with Bento.

Send email, SMS and chat.

As users flow through your site trigger messages over any channel that you like. Whether you send an email at post-purchase, SMS a customer as they abandon a cart, or trigger a chat when they view the pricing page we have you covered.

Trigger even for anonymous.

Unlike other platforms, Bento's automations work even if a visitor is anonymous meaning you can enrich profiles before they subscribed and those details will remain when they eventually give you their email.

Ready to give it a try?

We can't wait to live up to the promises we made above. See you inside.