Engage with your visitors with marketing automations powered by your data.

Bento has unlocked new and exciting ways for our business to curate and monitor personalised customer journeys through the use of workflows and fully integrated communicative mediums, resulting in better audience engagement and retention.

Tye Greene
Head of Email Marketing, VroomVroomVroom

As users move through your website dynamically trigger automations, enrich profiles, add tags, and so much more. True marketing automation has never been this simple.

With over 15 different, unique actions inside our automation product any idea is possible. Each account starts with 5 default automations that you can customize.

Trigger actions when visitors visit a page, purchase, abandon cart, or click a link.

  • Send emails or SMS

    Quickly send visitors messages straight into their pockets.

  • Trigger real-time chat conversations

    Pop-up a chat and start talking with visitors.

  • Ping your team on Slack

    Quickly notify your team in Slack when visitors trigger an event.

Enrich profiles based on the behaviour of a visitor.

In real-time, update a visitor's profile based on the pages they visit and what they're doing directly on the website.

  • Add tags

    Easily add or remove tags for visitors.

  • Update fields

    Add custom fields or even increment a counter (such as order_count).

  • Run A/B tests

    Split test your campaigns to see what performs.

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