Know exactly how your customers converted and what they're doing at any moment in time.

From detailed visitor profiles, to advanced tagging and segmenting facilities, we are able to paint a comprehensive picture on each individual customer and tailor our messaging and marketing strategies accordingly.

Tye Greene
Head of Email Marketing, VroomVroomVroom

The only marketing platform that allows you to verify and audit other channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Bento Analytics gives you unparalleled visibility into the behaviour of your customers to learn exactly the path they took to purchase from you.

Your full customer what, when, and where mapped to one profile

Every single click, view, and custom event is stored in Bento to be easily leveraged in marketing campaigns or searched for in reports.

  • Search by traits

    Every single detail about visitors is captured and logged. Whether you want to search by location, gender, age, or details from a form submission, we can do it.

  • Search by behaviour

    Visitors are triggering hundreds of events every single session and Bento allows you to uniquely search through them to find specific users.

See the entire breakdown of all your visitors and how profitable it REALLY is.

  • Lossless ad tracking

    Bento's multi-device, cross-platform, consolidated tracking will make sure that you have the most accurate conversion data in the business. Verify your other ad platforms easily with a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Detailed LTV reporting

    Based on Bento's accurate, lossless tracking, easily report the LTV and true revenue stats of each sale.

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