How To Implement Exit Intent Interstitials/Popups That Your Users Will Go Hunting For

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It’s 2018, and every website I visit hits me with some sort of overlay the minute I hit their sites.

They're "effective", they work (at driving sign-ups), but when you look at your entire funnel they could be doing more damage than you expect.

Moving from a 0.5% conversion rate to +3% may feel great, but what's happening to every else who doesn't sign up?

You've probably annoyed them, created some deep disdain and killed your chance of a later conversion.

These "always-on" popups are old fashioned, ruining the internet and need to die.

This is where exit intent popups come into play.

They're designed to only reveal themselves when your users have finished up their session on your site and are leaving to go do something else. When combined with something like Bento, you can make sure that the interruption (yes, that's what it is) is targeted and valuable.

If you're going to have the chutzpah to run a promotion and takeover the whole screen then at least offer something of value and you have a much higher chance of that if you know their background, history and why they're visiting your site.

Consider this one from Tim Ferris.


He's offering a high value item, though not really targeted, but it's something most of his audience would be willing to trade their email for. The popup will only show it's face after someone has moved their mouse above the window, which, most of the time means that they are done reading the article and about to move on (not always the case).

A couple of customers asked for exit intent pop-ups in Bento over the past week.

I didn't really want it integrated into the product, but given that most of our customers are happy and savvy doing it themselves I did some digging.

After awhile I stumbled on this amazing article by Julian which clearly laid how to pull it off simply so I decided to recreate the Tim Ferris style here:

See the Pen Exit Intent Popups / Interstitials (Yes/No Variation) by Bento (@bentolibrary) on CodePen.

If you're using Bento then you can exclude jQuery and just add the code to the code editor. 

Takes two seconds and you can easily duplicate the campaigns to target different audiences.