Bento is optimized to work perfectly on WooCommerce stores like yours.

Bento is more than just an email marketing and live chat tool — it’s a better way to run your WooCommerce business. Teams that switch to Bento are more productive and better organized. They ship campaigns faster, have a clear perspective on their WooCommerce customer data, and level up their brands marketing and communication skills. Some say it's the best marketing they've done in their career.

How to get started?

  • Sign-up to Bento.
    Register your user, create a new team, and then create a site.
  • Download our WordPress (WooCommerce) plugin.
    Once you create your site you'll find an easy to download and install WordPress plugin. If you'd like to do the implementation without the plugin just grab the Javascript snippet and add it to the footer of your website, just as you would with Google Analytics or GTM.
  • You're done!
    Instantly you'll start seeing live data come into your website. Doesn't get easier than that! From this point, we'll start importing both webhooks from WooCommerce (order information, mostly) and web activity via our Javascript embed.

Deeply integrated.

WooCommerce is a first-class integration with Bento. This means that we've personally created a dedicated integration (plugin or app) and aid all customers with bug fixes or improvements. All data will be perfectly synced and optimized to not add any load to your websites servers.

Want to give Bento a whirl? It's free for 30-days

Get started with Bento

With all your marketing in one place you'll be able to ship faster and be confident that your customers are getting the right experience. Say goodbye to sticky tapped solutions and welcome the Bento way of marketing.