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Here are the very latest features and updates.

commit: // 2018-09-26 23:28:06 UTC
I spy with my little eye ... hovercards!
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For all users, we've added the ability to quickly view business information about visitors via hovercards.

It's a fast way to get some more context on who is browsing your site, quickly. Right now we're focused on showing business information about each visitor, but moving forward we'll expand this. 

Send us a tweet with your thoughts and ideas! 
commit: clearbit enrichment activated // 2018-09-24 07:46:56 UTC
In Testing: All identified visitors are enriched with Clearbit
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I'll be honest with you β€” I wanted this for myself.

Over the last few months, we've been dog fooding Bento on all our other properties and assets. 

It's become my daily habit to check out who has signed up and what they've been doing before I've gone ahead and reached out with a personal email or thank you note. 

Before I do that, I would always open up the domain the user's email used and do some investigating. 

To save myself this extra click I've decided to test integrating Clearbit in to enrich all identified visitors so that we can have it all in Bento, easily accessible with a hover. To access it, just head over to the "Identified Visitors" tab and hover over the company name. 

We'll look at integrating it into our targeting, but for now enjoy! 

commit: pushing company data live // 2018-09-17 05:18:56 UTC
Turn anonymous web traffic into known entities
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Most of the web, thankfully, is anonymous. 

But for businesses selling to other businesses, sometimes it’s nice to know who is visiting your site so you can reach out and lend a helping hand at the right time.

Typically, this approach is used when organisations are engaging in ABM (Account Based Marketing).

We’ve gone ahead and added a dash of it to Bento to proactively identify your anonymous users and allow you to leverage it in your personalisation and marketing efforts. 

In a nutshell, this means that ...
  • There is a new area to browse companies and their visitors / identified users.
  • There is a new dashboard report for companies that shows how often their visitors are visiting your site.
  • Identified users, those visitors who we have email information on, have their email extracted to be a company. 
And a bunch more, but the above are the first use cases we've come up with. 

For now, we're trialing this only on accounts that have joined a Company Data plan. 

Based on feedback and coverage of our third party provider, we might open this up to everyone. 
commit: adding patch notes // 2018-09-16 23:29:55 UTC
Introducing Bento's patch notes
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Over the years, I've been huge fan of video games and more recently eSports.

's how I decompress each week β€” hanging out with my friends, having a good laugh and banter.

Something I've always admired over the years playing these games was the attitude of the developers behind them.

These developers were fantastic at keeping the community up to date with what's going on behind the scenes, even if it got a little geeky (see: thorough and detailed) at times.

Each week games like World of Warcraft, Overwatch and LoL would put out a lengthy but informative blog post about what they've been coding and the effects of that on gameplay / the experience.

They were always easy to scan and gave a snapshot of what players could expect the next time they logged in.

We've decided at Bento to attempt our own version of patch notes in a similar style.

Every week we're adding new features, fixing some broken ones and changing a few things here and there. So, each week pop over here before you log in, sit back and take a moment to scan these patch notes going forward.

We can't wait to show you what we're building.