Peter Murphy Lewis

Verified by Bento

Helps Ecommerce Non-Profit Software Publishing in Americas Europe improve their Email Marketing Lead Capture

About Peter Murphy Lewis:

My passion is connecting people through communication and shared experiences. I believe connection with others and being understood are the two most important variables to living a full life. 
My travel businesses help tourists experience Chilean culture while my TV show, Aqui Te Las Traigo Peter, helps Chileans appreciate their own culture. I understand empathy in marketing. 
In 13 years of entrepreneurship I founded three successful companies. I understand bootstrapping + training.
As a public speaker, I have shared my passion and life lessons with more than 4,000 MBA students from across the world. I understand messaging and story-telling. 
Wired to think strategically, I creatively ask questions of myself and others to impact the bottom line, work organization and culture in whatever I pour myself into. I love challenges. 
I have worked with Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Hubspot, Salesforce, And then, I discovered Bento. It the only tool I use because it's support, roadmap and focus on results is superior to any other. It's like wearing comfortable shoes in an ultra-marathon. 
Feel free to DM me for growth hack help, paid ad help, or what shoes to wear in your next 50 mil race. 

Why have they been verified?

We've worked with Peter across multiple projects, and clients, and have always been energised by his enthusiasm for the platform. His implementation with his first client, our first non-profit customer, really shaped a few of our core features and simplified our product to become more accessible for the next wave of customers. We've also been impressed by his copywriting ability and some of the tiny, but large impact, tweaks he makes to customer's sites. 

Why picking Peter Murphy Lewis as your agency to integrate Bento is a no-brainer:

Agencies have direct access to the Bento Dev team.
Agencies have multi-client experience working in Bento.
They've had success increasing deliverability clients.
They've had success deploying detailed personalization across clients.
They've had success increasing leads captured for email marketing.
They've had success decreasing software and spending costs for clients.
They've had success tracking ads and improving attribution.
Verified agencies are generally a delight to work with.