Morgan Crozier

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Helps Ecommerce Software Publishing in Americas Europe improve their Email Marketing Personalization Lead Capture Ad Attribution

About Morgan Crozier:

I consult, run a newsletter on, write blog posts, build websites, run traffic generation (PPC & SEO) for brands around America, and create tech products – alongside building courses teaching entrepreneurs the best of what I’ve learned along the way.

Why have they been verified?

Morgan has been one of our go to guys whenever we've had a customer want a technical marketer with paid traffic skills. His ability to deploy campaigns quickly, and efficiently is why we continue to refer business his way. We've seen him pull off some pretty amazing campaigns for clients across the board under fairly compressed timelines. If you're looking for someone reliable, hire Morgan.

Why picking Morgan Crozier as your agency to integrate Bento is a no-brainer:

Agencies have direct access to the Bento Dev team.
Agencies have multi-client experience working in Bento.
They've had success increasing deliverability clients.
They've had success deploying detailed personalization across clients.
They've had success increasing leads captured for email marketing.
They've had success decreasing software and spending costs for clients.
They've had success tracking ads and improving attribution.
Verified agencies are generally a delight to work with.

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