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Helps Ecommerce Software in Americas Oceania improve their Personalization Lead Capture Ad Attribution

About Convertica:

Convertica are the done-for-you conversion rate optimization specialists that allow you to maximize revenue from the same search engine rankings or paid advertising campaigns on your Affiliate, Lead Generation or eCommerce website. 

Why have they been verified?

We've worked with Kurt on a few projects and his team has always delivered far more than what was quoted on the brief. Highly recommend working with his team on anything personalization or CRO.

Why picking Convertica as your agency to integrate Bento is a no-brainer:

Agencies have direct access to the Bento Dev team.
Agencies have multi-client experience working in Bento.
They've had success increasing deliverability clients.
They've had success deploying detailed personalization across clients.
They've had success increasing leads captured for email marketing.
They've had success decreasing software and spending costs for clients.
They've had success tracking ads and improving attribution.
Verified agencies are generally a delight to work with.

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