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Always humans, never bots. Come join us over on Discord where our customers and team hang out. Ask questions, get help, join webinars, and help give feedback to make Bento better.

👋 If you are a paying customer please check inside your account for the quickest way to escalate customer support queries via mobile, Skype, and Discord for urgent action.
Sales support

If you need help with something related to your purchase (didn't get your receipt, entered the wrong email at purchase, need a refund, etc.) please start a live chat and we will do everything we can to take care of you.

Technical support

If you have questions about things like integrating Bento into your business, designing an email, setting up different inboxes, etc., we recommend joining the Bento Discord community where others, including the Bento team, can help you.

Bug reports

We treat system bugs incredibly seriously. Please send reports in live chat or via email to your account manager. Most bugs will be fixed within 24 hours.