Imagine if each page felt like it was talking directly to your visitors.

Features Snapshot
Quick Setup 100% Real Time Visual Editor A/B Testing Blocks Library Conversion Tracking Detailed Reporting Target Location Target Activity Target Tags

Transform your static content into dynamic, personal experiences in real-time

  • Target using our tagging engine or audience builder.
  • Add, edit, or delete any element on the page.
  • Use {{ liquid }} tags to inject visitor information.
  • Use our community blocks library to embed dynamic overlays, exit intent pop-ups, email capture forms and more in just a few clicks.

Let automation do the heavy lifting

  • Automatically build segments based on events or actions your users are taking on your site without needing to write code.
  • If you're a developer, use our Javascript API to segment users on the fly as they interact with your product or store.

Run tests to see what's working

  • Report on the impact each personalization has on your entire marketing funnel, broken down step by step.
  • Easy to understand reporting to ensure that you know how to interpret the results.
  • Testing design optimized to encourage you to look at the whole picture, not just micro-engagements.

Use our visual editor to change any page in seconds

  • Drag and drop elements straight onto your page.
  • Add images, text or a wide range of unique objects like countdown timers and clocks.
  • Complete CSS style editor.
  • Works on any web platform.