Web Personalization

Create a personal, dynamic experience tailored to each visitor based on who they are, what they've done and what they've purchased. It'll feel and look like magic to them.

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Transform your static, boring landing pages into living, breathing, dynamic experiences — in real-time

  • Target using our powering automated tagging engine or audience builder.
  • Modify any element on the page or, if you're a developer, inject custom HTML.
  • Use {{ liquid }} tags to inject visitor information.

Let automation do the heavy lifting in the background

  • Automatically build segments based on events or actions your users are taking on your site without needing to write code.
  • If you're a developer, use our Javascript API to segment users on the fly as they interact with your product or store.

Create campaigns and run tests to see what's working across your whole marketing funnel

  • Report on the impact each personalization has on your entire marketing funnel, broken down step by step.
  • Easy to understand reporting to ensure that you know how to interpret the results.

Use our visual editor to change any page in seconds — perfect for non-coders

  • Drag and drop elements straight onto your page.
  • Add images, text or a wide range of unique objects like countdown timers and clocks.
  • Complete CSS style editor.
  • Works on any web platform.

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