Email Marketing

Bento serves up the email horsepower you need to run effective marketing and transactional email campaigns. Designed to let you run personalization at any scale.

Automated Sequences Broadcasts/Newsletters Import Subscribers Abandon Carts Drag-and-Drop Editor Plain Text Editor {{ Liquid }} Tags Click Tracking Staggered Sending Conversion Tracking Zapier Integration NEW: Pause Live Sending

Email editors you'll tell all your friends about

  • Fully featured drag-and-drop editor that enables you to create dynamic and beautiful campaigns in seconds.
  • Write beautiful prose in our simple text editor that's built to be distraction free and delightful. So good we use it to draft our blog posts.
  • Have the freedom to import any HTML template you have in seconds making migration so simple.

Personalize every email, automatically

  • Using the power of {{ liquid }} optimize each email to speak directly and personally to each visitor.
  • Leverage our tagging engine and audience builder to make sure your emails are seen by the right people.
  • Automatically find subscribers first and last names without asking.

Features built for the paranoid amongst us

  • Break your broadcast emails into smaller chunks that are sent in hours, days or weeks.
  • Track in real-time the results of the campaigns so you can alter the course depending how it's going.
  • Pause them, edit in real-time or deactive if they're not performing to your standard. Great if you find a broken link!

Linking the web and email experience

We've worked hard to create an engine that links your emails to the web. When someone clicks on a link, we'll auto-identify them when they visit your website and begin logging all their events to their subscriber record. In other words, multi-device attribution has been solved in Bento.

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