A/B Testing

Combine A/B testing and personalization with straightforward reporting to get a platform you can actually act on and know instantly what is working.

Conversion Tracking Funnel Reports Test Personalizations Visual Editor Code Editor Page Rules

Optimize the journey of your users, not just single metrics

  • Bundle and group personalizations from multiple pages to test their impact on your funnel.
  • Ensure both anonymous and identified visitors see a consistent experience, even if on multiple devices.
  • Report on your tests effects on the whole customer journey, just not conversions.

Build sophisticated behavioral targeting rules

Use our tagging engine or audience builder to ensure that your tests are hitting only the visitors you want. Easily report on and see which visitors are in what tests.

Powered by the same point-and-click editor you love

  • Drag and drop editor overlayed on your website.
  • Add images, text or any object.
  • Works on any platform.
  • Simple and easy for any marketer.

Simple to understand analytics and reporting that you'll really dig

Breakdown the impact of each test on the steps in your customers journey to decide whether to launch your personalization or site changes to everyone.

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