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Who wants to spend all their time moving to a new platform? Not you. You've got bigger things to do. Let us treat you to a free migration, so you can keep on keeping on.

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Free — no charge!

We are happy to provide a concierge migration service (completely FREE) for anyone that is paying for Bento. We are happy to provide this at no additional charge, making your move to Bento as painless and efficient and efficient as possible.

Moving to Bento has never been simpler.

How to get started.

Sign-up to Bento

Jump on any of our tiers and create your account. If you can, additionally install the snippet but that's not necessary.

Schedule time

Submit the form above to schedule a time for migration. We'll then send you an email with details asking for login credentials shared over secure methods.

Wait 24 hours

Sit back, relax and wait for us to send you a confirmation email saying that everything has been moved over! We'll do our best to ensure that all data is additionally backed up and saved.

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