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Slack Integration now live in all accounts

Announcements • Asked 12 days ago by Jesse

Gravatar Jesse Commented on Sep 15, 2020:

Fun little announcement today! 

We've just activated, for all accounts, our new Slack integration.

This enables you to talk to visitors on the fly, right inside your Slack app.

To get this humming along:

  1. Visit and log back in to your account. 

  2. Click on "Conversations".

  3. Click on "Shared Inboxes".

  4. Click on "Integrations".

  5. Follow the prompts to connect your Slack account to Bento.

Once this is set up you just have to join the new #customer-conversations channel in Slack and start replying to threads as they come in. Messages will be sent from Slack directly to the visitors live chat widget (or Twitter, Facebook, etc if you have that setup) as you post them.  


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