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Get your ideas on paper
Before you jump in head-first, jot down all of the tests you’re hoping to validate. Our simple tool helps your team keep track of what tests are live, which ones succeeded — or didn’t — and where they are in the experiment pipeline.
Validate your ideas
When you’ve dreamed up your big idea, use our simple campaign tools to edit your site, zero code required. Add a paywall, test personalized copy or just move a few elements around to see how the change performs. Run as many campaigns as you like simultaneously, or line up your future campaigns and launch them when ready.
Get to know your visitors
We surface as much information as we can about your visitors, including country, the company they might work at, the type of computer they use and when you last saw them. With that data, create audiences to target your tests, like “European visitors” or “People that work at Microsoft” and make your copy more relevant than ever.
Get insight into every step of the journey for your customers.
After looking at a few visits to your site, Bento makes it easy to pick the activities people perform — like clicking the sign up button — and quickly add them to your funnel. Once it’s done, you’ll get deep insights that tell you where you’re losing money, and help identify critical areas to experiment with improving.
We’ve built some extra nifty tools that you might find useful; a live map of your visitors, dead-simple survey tools and easy ways to offer visitors social proof through sales or last-second offers. These are optional, but they’re there if you need them (and included for free with your plan).