Track every action your visitor's take.
Without any additional code, Bento tracks every user's page view, link click, button press, affiliate referral, UTM params, where they came from, how much they spent on your website and so, so much more. All easily searchable and can be exported in a click.
Ask your users questions, get answers.
Stop guessing what your visitors are all about and get them to explicitly declare it for you using our survey builder. Using our survey builder you can dynamically refresh pages, take people to landing pages and tag them based on their answer. It feels like magic. If you're a developer you can also tag users with bento.tag(""); or even automatically tag them based on an event in our backend.
Right message, every time.
Leverage the data you've collected to create hyper targeted audiences that you can market to. Group users by UTM params, location or anything you can think of then sync it to your CRM or eCRM.
Tweak any element on your site.
Use our visual editor to update and enhance any element on the page. It's so good that you'll want to use it over your websites native editor. Want to code? We've got a great HTML/JS/CSS code editor for that.
Deploy tests in seconds.
Deploy your site changes and using our conversion tracking get visibility into your funnel, what exactly is going on and monitor how your changes are performing at every step of the customer journey.