WooCommerce plugin now released for Bento

We've shipped our first pass at our plugin for WordPress & WooCommerce stores (https://github.com/bentonow/bento-wordpress-sdk). 

Still waiting on that official WordPress.org landing page - in approval right now, wish us luck! 

The plugin essentially is our effort to treat WooCommerce with more respect that we have been in the past. Once you install the plugin and add your site key to enable powerful email marketing and eCommerce analytics - instantly. 

The reason we went down the helper route was to provide a reliable way to subscribe to eCommerce events that are processed on the backend (order fulfillment, payment processing, and all that jazz). 

Before we didn't have that access as we were just logging things with the frontend JavaScript library. It wasn't enough.
If you have been holding pulling on the trigger on Bento then now is a good time to give us a whirl with our 30-day free trial + 1-on-1 concierge on-boarding for every customer to implement the software in the best possible way. 
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