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We just completed an integration with Integromat

The more data you throw at Bento, the more fun you'll have on the platform.

And whilst there are plenty of amazing integrations available to push data into Bento, like with our Shopify app, Wordpress plugins, WPFusion, and our developer SDKs, it's impossible to integrate deeply with all the amazing products you use to grow your business.

Which is why this integration with Integromat is so important today.

Integromat is a phenomenal tool that allows you to plug in any other tool that you work with and send that data right into Bento.

Want to capture data from a TypeForm and use that to trigger an automation in Bento? Easy!

Want to manually import data from a Google Sheet and have that route perfectly into Bento? Done!

We've just submitted our app for approval and expect it to be greenlighted in the next week or so. If you want early access just click the link below and you'll get early access.


Currently, we've created the following modules with more to come based on demand:

Create custom event: send an event into Bento with a custom event name. Useful for triggering basic automations.

Add tag: send an event which applies a tag. This can also trigger an automation.

Update name: send an event which updates a contacts first and last name in Bento.

Update field: send an event which updates a contacts custom fields (one at a time).

Track purchase: send an event which tracks a unique order and increases the LTV of a customer. You can send negative value events to simulate a refund.

Combining the above with Bento's Workflow product you should be able to cover 99% of use-cases. If not, let us know! 

Thank you,
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