We are beta testing two-way SMS and marketing automation

Howdy everyone!

Fun little announcement today: we've just deployed a pretty large update that enables SMS for both Workflows and Conversations.

Practically, what this means is that you can trigger an SMS, based on any event (new order notification, abandon cart, etc), and then have that reply get funnelled straight into your conversations inbox for an agent to reply to. This now enables our users to pull off some pretty personal interactions with their customers and also handle the inbound much better.

Additionally, users can now market their phone number on their website as a way to support and talk to their customers.

To get this channel up and running simple head on over to your Conversations tab then add a new Twilio SMS inbox. Follow the instructions and you should be up and running in a few minutes.

The first version of this will require you to have your own Twilio account — but this does mean you'll have cost price SMS with no markup. We may handle this in the future so make sure you set up your account now to lock in great rates! 
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