iOS and Android apps pending approval in the app stores!

Hey everyone,

This is a really quick update to let you know that we've just submitted our iOS and Android apps to the app stores and are now waiting for approval. 

Shouldn't be long now - we're expecting maybe one or two amendments and then good to go for all our customers to begin downloading them. 

Once they're live the apps will allow you to talk to your customers across any channel you've connected to your Bento account whether that be SMS, Whatsapp, live chat or a social media account. 

Additionally, unlike other support tools, you'll be able to easily flick through all your connected sites meaning that if you have Bento installed on 10 or more projects you can toggle between them easily. 

Cool, huh? 

I wanted this one for myself as managing chat across multiple properties is usually a pain.

If you want access to the app today or tomorrow then please talk to support and we'll give you beta access to them. 

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