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Integration query with WP Fusion CRM plugin & ConvertBox

I am currently using MailerLite on my set of WordPress sites along with WP Fusion CRM to connect all my WP users with MailerLite, Gravity Forms and also the SaaS ConvertBox service.
Do you have integrations either currently or proposed with WP Fusion and ConvertBox?
I know WP Fusion is a terrific dev as have used their plugin for several years and he is very good at adding integrations but might need some sponsorship to prioritise.

I found out about you through Chris Lema by the way.

Also looking into Fathom analytics which again Chris reviewed but maybe your analytics do similar things?

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Hey Dale, thanks for reaching out mate! 👋

For most WP setups, regardless of how they're built, Bento's WordPress plugin will work out of the box and track most of what you need to track. You can also just add the async script manually using a header/footer plugin. Either way is super fast and barely any load on the site. It also handles any caching conflicts that we see most WP sites have.

There's a couple of other nuanced reasons that it needs to be installed this way (primarily tracking and personalization), but for reasons I believe Chris will talk about in his posts, it does need to be installed async vs. through WP Fusion. We could pull off an integration with WP Fusion if those guys are keen though, would just have to learn more about how it's implemented. Would imagine we might use them for sending payment events into our system (like order data through EDD, etc).

If you know the WP Fusion developer personally, would you be up for making an introduction? Might go a long way 💪

Should be pretty easy to integrate into his product if he's built on Laravel or standard PHP (https://github.com/bentonow/bento-php-sdk). 

As for analytics, it should do! 

You can build your own dashboard exactly how you like it - I personally don't install Fathom, Google Analytics, or other scripts on my personal sites because Bento does all the tracking I need anyway.

Nice site btw! 😊
Thanks. I will follow up with the Fusion people.
Do you know anything about ConvertBox and integrating with them?


Oh! Missed that! Sorry! Yup! It's super easy to get integrated with them! I can ask another customer how they set it up - think they just fire a script on form submit which runs bento.identify(email). 
With ConvertBox I was meaning integration by letting ConvertBox popups add people as email subscribers to the Bento system but what you mention is an added bonus of personalising the popup.
At the moment we have exit pops and slide ins which have a form that subscribes them to our MailerLite system

Yup! I know 😊 

In Convertbox you can fire custom tracking events on form submit. So you can run bento.identify(email) and bento.updateFields({}) to capture that information. I don't believe we're big enough to be on their radar for an official, server-side integration yet, but it can be done (+ the Javascript solution is actually ideal because it'll tie the anonymous session to the email which is important for tracking). 

Thanks Dale! 

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Commented on Jan 03, 2022:

+1 for WPFusion, I see Jack is already in the Bento discord now. The superpower of WPF is its ability to use CRM tags to trigger access and events on WP membership/learning/social sites, and it's a stunning plugin with lots of loyal followers. I've also mentioned it and he seems interested by what you're doing.
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