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Improving the search experience for everyone

Bento's search experience powers literally every system inside Bento and because of this we've spent most of 2020 working hard to improve it and give more power to our users.

You can now search through events, ads seen, and thousands of other dynamic variables built on the fly for each account. No two searching experiences in Bento are exactly the same and as a result there is rarely a query we can't run for people when they raise a support ticket.

... but that's the thing: people have been raising tickets for the simplest of targeting options.

We were finding that users were getting overwhelmed with the lists of variables when they clicked into the options and even queries such as "find me someone with a specific email" would become difficult. The people who were raising the tickets were often not the power users of Bento but someone else on the team who just needed to jump into the account and quickly look something up or unsubscribe a visitor.

We wanted to fix that and make the experience much simpler for everyone.

So, we create free form searching in Bento!
Now deployed in all accounts.

It allows you to search through your subscriber data by simple typing a word (i.e "@gmail.com", "Tokyo", "Japan", "Jesse").

The search will take your word and scan all your custom fields, location data, and the emails of your users. This is perfect for most simple queries and should take out a lot of the headaches of fiddling with all the dropdown options.

If you want to combine it with a Visitor Trait or Event Filter you can still do it like so:
Search: "Find me Gmail.com users who are subscribed to marketing emails".

We're hoping this tiny change will have a major impact on all our users and make their experience navigating their data simpler and easier.
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