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How to track Thrive Leads (simple)

Thrive Leads is a fantastic tool to capture leads in Wordpress but, after navigating integrations with them, we've had some issues with their API.

Specifically, their Javascript API which is more or less non-existent.

Even our favourite Wordpress integration partner, WPFusion, couldn't do it (Misc. FAQ | WP Fusion) — and Jack who runs WPFusion is a wizard.

Bento used to track all Thrive Lead forms out of the box, like we do with most forms, but they made some changes recently which has made that impossible.

To get around this we've knocked up an incredibly simple script which listens for a form submit by TL and then triggers a $subscribe event. It just contains the email.

Just add the script to the footer of your page (or after Bento loads).

Get the script here: Thrive Leads (github.com)

Any issues just jump into Discord and ask us.
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