How to send webhooks in Bento

Earlier today, we had a customer request to send some data to a platform I had never heard of before; CodaHQ.

Usually, this is fine and we can setup a custom integration within Bento but, honestly, it's starting to get a tad hard keeping up with all the different tools out there and their API changes. 

And when those APIs change, stuff breaks, and inboxes get flooded. 

It's not pretty. 

So, when there's an integration that can't be justified (i.e be bothered) to code I lean on Zapier and their large team of hundreds of engineers who are dedicated to sticky taping the web together.

Historically, Bento has only received events from Zapier. 

But it turns out Zapier have this very handy action called Zapier POST which digests raw, external webhook requests and allows you to push that information anywhere you'd like (i.e into Google Docs, Airtable, your own server, etc).

Setting this up for this customer to push data from Bento via a webhook to Zapier POST to Coda would be perfect and get the job done.

But hang on ... 

Bento doesn't have a webhook feature to push data to Zapier... or does it?

Well, as of 30 minutes ago, it does! 😂🎉

We've added a new action to our Workflow editor called "Send Webhook". You'll find it in the sidebar of the editor.

All you have to do is drop it onto the board, add a URL (either the one Zapier provides you or another), and then create a blob of JSON that you'd like to push with the request. 

We've integrated it with liquid so you can include all the variables in the event that originally triggered the workflow, or the visitor who it is being sent on behalf of.
{"email": {{ }}, "first_name": {{visitor.first_name }} }


Currently this is deployed for all customers and you can take advantage of it right away in your account.
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