How to personalise your site using the new <bento-tag> snippet

If you've ever used a software app before you've probably noticed all the little bits of personalisation pixie dusted throughout the products.

Everything from a simple, "Welcome back, {{ your name }}" to advanced setups like's personalised documentation. 

I've always wanted that for my eCommerce and publishing clients, but couldn't pull it off without stitching together multiple tools to pull it off - and if I could pull it off it'd be laggy, slow, and not instantaneous. It never felt like magic.

Not anymore! ✨

Introducing the new <bento-tag/>: our approach to pulling off advanced personalization right inside your website, easily, without any user authentication. Watch the video below where I run over how to add tags to your website and start making it feel more familiar to your users.

In the coming weeks we'll be releasing our survey product and more to enrich this experience and make it even better. 
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