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How to import your subscribers into Bento

Importing is one of those high anxiety tasks that you find yourself doing whenever you have to migrate to a new tool. I, personally, always hated doing it before Bento so have tried to make things as simple as humanely possible for our customers.

We made a few changes this week on how we handle them so thought I'd do a quick write up.

Where can I upload my subscribers?
Navigate to the site you want to upload on, click "People", then click "Subscribers" in the secondary tab. There's a big, green "Add Subscribers" button on the top right.

How are imports are handled after I click "upload"?
If you are importing a small list (<500 people), via the Fast Upload or Bulk Import methods, they will generate an $import event for each row you've uploaded. This event will contain all the fields you've decided to import with them and trigger any Workflows based on fields (so make sure they are turned off before you do this). Additionally, for each tag you import we will trigger a $tag event. This, again, will trigger any automatons you have setup for these tags. Typically, small imports are done instantly or within a few minutes so if you refresh your page after you see the thank you screen you will see quick progress.
If you have decided to upload a large list (>500 people) then you will only be able to use the Bulk Import method. This method will detect a large list size and import each subscriber one by one but will not trigger any events or automations. We've done this to avoid any large mistakes caused by doing so and to reduce the anxiety around importing. These imports will first add the subscriber to your account, and then create a background job to add both the fields and tags. When you browse these visitors you'll see that they will have no events or visits.

Can I track the import progress?
The Fast Upload option is extremely quick so just keep refreshing your page. The Bulk Import page will update the % completed live so you can just leave it open and monitor. 

How do I know what fields to upload?
If you use the Fast Upload method we will list each field out for you, just follow the prompts. If you use the Bulk Import method we supply an example spreadsheet with everything mapped out. Just fill that out with your own data and you're good to go!

How do I upload multiple tags?
If you want to add one tag just create a column called 'tag'. If you want to add multiple tags create a column called 'tags' and separate each one with a plus sign ("customer+lead+SQL").

What happens if I upload a subscriber who is already in the account?

We will update their fields and leave everything else intact. As for tags, we will not fire an event to add the tag if they already have it.

Do you do any cleanup of the lists when you import them?
We will automatically unsubscribe rows that fail syntax checks, are disposable, and look toxic. For large accounts, we may check the MX records for each email imported to ensure they are still alive and operating - this is all to maximize deliverability.   
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