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How do I create dynamic PS messages in my emails?

A few times a week I get this question.

"How can I add a dynamic PS message in my signature? I can't update them when I update the content of my email?"

This might be confusing to some but once you figure out this little trick it'll unlock a lot of power in your email marketing.

In Bento, our plain text email builder comprises of two parts: the content of the email and the author's signature. Both of those are combined BEFORE we pass them through our Liquid engine meaning that variables you declare in the content of the email WILL be used in the author too.

Practically, it means you can add a statement like this in your email signature:

 {% if ps %} {{ ps }} {% endif %} 

And then declare this in your email content:

 {% assign ps = "PS: New offer now live!!!" %} 

You can also do this: 

{% if visitor.tags contains "customer" %}
   {% assign ps = "PS: You are a customer ..." %} 
{% else %} 
   {% assign ps = "You are not a customer ..." %} 
{% endif %}

Cool, huh? ✌
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