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How can I identify visitors in Bento or capture leads?

In Bento, we provide a few ways for our users to capture the email address of their visitors and append it to their profiles. This essentially then activates consolidation of multiple devices and the ability to send them emails. It also activates email continuity for live chat so you can carry on a conversation well after they've left your website.

How identification works in Bento
Each visitor has a column reserved in the database for their email. We'll track them anonymously and then when we find an email, either supplied by you or discovered by us, we'll just add it to this column. This allows us to retain information from when the visitor is anonymous to the point when we capture their email. Most email marketing providers start only when they have an email — this is an important and prolific distinction for Bento.

What happens if two users are identified with the same email?
We will consolidate all the information about the newer visitor (emails sent, ads seen, events, etc) to the oldest visitor with that email. This ensures your account is nice and tidy (no duplicates) as well as empowers you to do multi-device attribution. If a visitor buys on mobile and opts-in on desktop to a newsletter subscription form all that data will go to one profile.

Should you auto-subscribe visitors or not?
When you set up your account you have the choice to make all users subscribed by default or unsubscribed. If you choose unsubscribed then you'll have to create a workflow that subscribes the visitor or manually send us a $subscribe event like so: 


Depending how you set this up please ensure your Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions are updated accordingly.

If you've made a mistake you can update this default by clicking the gear icon in the navigation, clicking on "Site Configuration", and then editing the following setting. You can also run a Bulk Operation to mass unsubscribe visitors if you've made a mistake.
Gear icon >> Site Configuration >> Update this setting

How can I capture emails via forms?
Bento Forms is a powerful survey builder that lets you ask your visitors questions and their answers will be stored as a custom field. These forms can either be embedded directly on to the page or popped up as a toaster/takeover/popup. If a field contains the word "email" then we will append that answer as their email address.

You can read more about forms here.

image.png 107.17 KB

How can I capture emails via other form tools?
If your tool is using a traditional, static form then chances are we are already tracking it!

We'll automatically scan form submission events to find email addresses buried within them. This allows us to identify visitors without any further integration needed from you. Alternatively, if the tool allows you to send a custom event from it then consider running the following code using the details your form provider sends you (replace "email" with the variable they provide for emails). 


What if I want just want a standard naked form?
Copy and paste the code below. It's good to go!

<form name="bento-identify-form" id="bento-identify-form">
<input type="text" name="email">
<input type="submit" class="btn btn-success">

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