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Can you use Bento on two WordPress sites?

Kandra Churchwell

Commented on Feb 28, 2021:

I have two sites for my retail business: one wholesale and one retail. The wholesale is on a subdomain. Both sites are WordPress + woocommerce. 
Do I need to have two different bento accounts for them, or can I use one account and just tag customers wholesale vs. retail? I want to be able to track who visits the retail and then becomes a wholesale. 
Yes! Of course! 

I tried to make the pricing/billing as I would want it. Billing is tied to a team and a team can have many sites.

In your case, I would just put everything under the one site and just tag people who go to the wholesale domain as "wholesale" in automations. 

I can help you with that if you'd like :) 

Kandra Churchwell

Commented on Mar 01, 2021:

Thank you! Yes, not a billing question, more a tracking and compatibility question. 
I'm thinking of tagging a few ways:
  • Wholesale interest (they visited the wholesale site)
  • Wholesale Stockist (they registered on the wholesale site)
  • Then a few retail interests as I have a few different lines.

The idea is that some retail customers will probably click the wholesale link just to poke around. I won't want them listed as stockists, but the more info the better!
And, I'll want to send emails to only stockists vs. retail customers and all that.

One more question, then I think I'm going to sign up (I'm pretty excited about your snazzy tool here!):
With the WordPress plugin, what doesn't get tracked? 
I didn't find anything tutorials about the forms section. I use gravity forms, will I need to use Bento forms? Will Bento auto fill all forms (even if not Bento forms)?
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