Live Chat & Inbound Email

Provide your most curious or important users with a way to contact your team when they are browsing your website. Bento's elegant live chat is designed to be non-obtrusive, built for humans, and easy to use for all users. Additionally, we've optimized our live chat script to be the fastest in the industry to not impact load times on your site. All conversations are consolidated to the visitor record so if the visitor leaves your site you can carry on the discussion via email. Watch Bento replace your current eCRM.

  • Unlimited agents*
  • Unlimited chats*
  • Unlimited conversations*
  • Talk to visitors in real-time
  • Send coupons and offers in chat
  • Forward customer tickets into Bento
  • Automate basic replies with automation
  • Social engineering protection
  • Lightning fast load times

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With all your marketing in one place you'll be able to ship faster and be confident that your customers are getting the right experience. Say goodbye to sticky tapped solutions and welcome the Bento way of marketing.