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Billing & Teams

Simple, clear and fair.

Over the years, we've probably spent north of $1M on software. 
Every subscription ads up, and so does the complexity of how they all bill.
So for Bento, we’ve tried to keep things simple.


Everything starts with a team. A team is a group of people, working on a project or series of sites. Starting here, instead of at the site level means it works great if you’re a freelancer working on client sites or an in-house employee working on multiple properties. Each team can have unlimited sites. 
We don’t believe in restricting the amount of domains you manage with Bento. We found it was always really annoying when you had to spin up multiple subscriptions for little side projects or even just for tests.


Given how we think about teams, we also thought that billing at this level made the most sense. That’s why everything detailed on our pricing page is an aggregated count of all sites within your team. 
So, say you have 50,000 subscribers but it’s spread across 20 sites. You will be billed the discounted rate (as Bento gets cheaper the more subscribers you have) vs. 20 seperate billings at a lower discounted rate. This rewards our customers who are building with us. 
We also realise that this encourages account sharing — but we’re O.K with that.

👋 Giving Feedback

We strive to improve our products and we rely on feedback from our customers.

Please feel free to share any feedback about Bento via twitter @Bento or jesse(at)BentoNow.com.