How to tag people

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Tagging is a great way to add layers of context on top of the people browsing your website.
To manage and create tags, visit the "Tags & Reactions" page.
Here you can create folders for your tags, called Tag Groups, and add new ones in a click. Most people will create folders with names like "Sales tags" or "Customer personas" — we recommend just picking ones that feel like a good fit for you.
Tags can be triggered one of four ways: programmatically, with a survey, with a URL, and with a tag strategy.
To fire a tag programmatically, just add bento.tag(); or inside a JS function on any page. That will tag the user instantly in Bento and fire off any related action tied to it.
To fire it with a survey, view this guide.
To fire it with a URL add the following params to any URL.
If you do not have developer skills, then use our auto-tag feature by browsing your events and clicking "Auto-Tag" when you find one that fits an action someone with that tag would do. This will create a strategy that will scan every event that comes in, and if it's similar, will tag the next user. When you get your head around auto-tagging, it becomes magic.

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