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Create an email sequence

Sequences in Bento are workflows of multiple messages which adapt to and send in response to user behaviour. Most of our users use them to help educate customers on their products, or try and encourage new subscribers to buy. 
At the moment, Bento supports triggering being added to an email sequence via a tag or an event (via auto-tagging) — with more ways planned in the future. 
These“triggers” are called Reactions.
Once a reaction adds a user to a sequence, they'll receive all emails you've written until they are tagged with a success tag or cancellation tag.


Conceptually, reactions are fairly simple — they are used to fire off a specific action, when another action is done. 
You'll find these all over the app, primarily in the"Tags & Reactions" page.
On this page you can configure a reaction to be fired off when a tag is triggered for the first time. A reaction can trigger an email sequence, fire off an SMS message, and a handful of other actions.
Reactions can also be delayed by minutes or days.
Some ways our customers use reactions:
  • Send an email to someone who hits a 404 page to apologise.
  • Send an email to someone who hits an error page.
  • Send an email sequence to a new customer.
  • Send an email to a customer on a trial.
  • Send an email to someone who clicked a specific link.
  • Abandoned cart email sequences.
The options you can pull off with reactions are endless.

👋 Giving Feedback

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