How to use reactions

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Conceptually, reactions are fairly simple — they are used to fire off a specific action, when another action is done. You'll find these all over the app, primarily in the "Tags & Reactions" page.
On this page you can configure a reaction to be fired off when a tag is triggered for the first time. A reaction can trigger an email sequence, fire off an SMS message, and a handful of other actions.
Reactions can also be delayed by minutes or days.
Some ways our customers use reactions:
  • Send an email to someone who hits a 404 page to apologise.
  • Send an email to someone who hits an error page.
  • Send an email sequence to a new customer.
  • Send an email to a customer on a trial.
  • Send an email to someone who clicked a specific link.
  • Abandoned cart email sequences.
The options you can pull off with reactions are endless.

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