Using Power Ups

Note: Most Power Ups are free, but a couple of them cost money. To find out more, contact support for pricing and further information.
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In Bento, we realised soon after launch that some of our users wanted more power added to their accounts — primarily in the form of enrichment or better data monitoring.
That's why we've introduced Power Ups.
From tracking ads, to enriching company information, to adding first name and last name (without asking), to even uncovering leads via IP, Bento is releasing new Power Ups every single month to make your campaigns even stronger.
Each Power Up is a one click installation if it's free, and if it's paid we'll ask you to shoot us a private message to request activation and pricing.
Current Power Ups include:
  • Ad tracking
  • Frustration tracking.
  • Click tracking.
  • Enrichment: Government.
  • Enrichment: Academic.
  • Enrichment: Company.
  • Enrichment: Personal.
  • Spam Hammer
And so many more.

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