👋 It's time to get to know Bento!

Welcome to our Docs
In here, we want to take you on a little journey to get to know Bento — and understand it’s features. Whilst we strive to make our product as deliciously simple as possible, we’ve introduced some new concepts to the marketing and support world that might take a little bit of explaining. 
We believe that Bento should be easy to get started, but require some investment to master.
Bento takes a different approach in that we want to cover your whole customer experience from start to end. Whenever there is a touch point with a customer or new anonymous visitor, Bento will be there to help execute on your marketing + support campaigns AND log exactly what is going on in a unified, consolidated profile. 
Whether your visitors are opening an email, reading an SMS, getting a push notification to their browser or scrolling through your website Bento will be there helping guide them through the experience — as well as giving you the visibility you need to get answers. 
We like to think of us as the experience layer on top of your business.

People-first features 

Every element and feature of Bento is centred around your customers, ensuring they have a flawless experience with your brand. They'll also never know we're even activated or being marketed to — unlike our competitors, we don't add our branding to any visitor facing features.
One of our design principles is that we want to help our customers make every experience Bento is driving feel like something built custom in-house. We can’t do that if we slap our beautiful logo on everything! 
Bento’s original goal was to enable marketers and support teams to do their best work and take control of their experiences. To get there, we ended up having to cover the full stack from interactions (email, SMS, etc) to analytics. Whilst it's taken us a while to get here with the support of our customers, we think we've created something really special. 
For the first time ever, brands can finally see at a high level the experience their customers are having. We’ve seen this enable some amazing, personal interactions — as well as teams working closer together.

Productivity focused design 

Marketing software sucks, and has sucked for a long time. The tools we’ve used to get the job done have never felt fast. We felt that in our day to day working on different marketing stacks for clients and our own sites so wanted to take a stance to make Bento the fastest marketing app out there. 
We spend our days scratching our heads to look at new ways to make sure that pages load quickly, reports are cached better, and your data is less keystrokes away. 
For power users, you'll notice a lot of hotkeys and shortcuts built into the app to help you navigate around quicker than any other tool you've used before. 
It's little things like that our customers fall in-love with, and you will too. 

A friendly hand when you need it 

We understand that marketing is hard, and learning new marketing tools is even harder. If you consider Bento for your business, know that we're committed to helping you along the way through your journey to build your empire. 
No matter the stage in your business, please don't hesitate to pop open the chat and start the conversation. 
We're here to help. Now, welcome to Bento docs. Enjoy browsing around! 

👋 Giving Feedback

We strive to improve our products and we rely on feedback from our customers.

Please feel free to share any feedback about Bento via twitter @Bento or jesse(at)BentoNow.com.