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Importing subscribers

To import your subscribers into Bento, click the "+" icon in the sidebar next to the "People" header. This will take you to an import screen.
Download the sample CSV, and map your existing subscribers (most likely from another provider) with the one we provided.
If you need any help, just send it to us.
Then upload the file and import.
Usually, this will take a few minutes to complete and then it's done.
Remember, for your customers to see web personalization or be tracked we'll need a way to identify them and consolidate their records. So either they'll need to login again, or opt-in view a form.

👋 Giving Feedback

We strive to improve our products and we rely on feedback from our customers.

Please feel free to share any feedback about Bento via twitter @Bento or jesse(at)BentoNow.com.