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Note: Not a developer? Don't stress about it! We've built an insanely powerful event matching system that helps users with no development experience label specific events for automation and goal tracking.
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For most users, Bento is more or less good to go out of the box, but if you want to configure it in a unique way for your business then you totally can. A few things you might want to quickly change is in the Bento UI is:
  • Turn on "Log Bots" to start tracking robots. 
  • Turn on "Compatibility Mode" if you don't have JS.
  • Browse our range of Power Ups to add new features to Bento. Most of these options will help enrich your records, providing you more custom fields to use in your campaigns and automations.

Then, once you've covered that you can go configure Bento.js to fire off any custom event using the following snippet:
bento.track("Some Action", {some_key: "Some Value"});
Or add custom fields to a visitor using:
bento.updateFields({"first_name": "ash", "last_name": "ketchum", "favourite_food": "bento box"});
Any questions, don't hesitate to send us a message!

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