The 14-Days of Marketing Challenge.

Go from marketing zero to hero — and finally put into place powerful systems that generate you more money from your existing efforts. One impactful item completed daily for 14 days with amazing support from a team that cares. Ready to upgrade your business?

*The challenge does not require a Bento account but it is recommended that you start your free trial as it'll be handy to have for a few items such as ad tracking.

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Every Monday we take on a new group of challengers. This enables us to be there to support you through every step of the journey.


What would it mean to your business if you put in place all those strategies you keep thinking about? It's time to prioritise it.

Marketing is stupidly hard — which means that we don't priortise it and instead focus on things that are front of mind: sales, building product, and talking to customers.

These are the things that move the needle today but marketing is the secret sauce that really helps all those efforts compound and accelerate your efforts further.

Marketing shouldn't scare you; it should support you.

It should help you close more customers. It should automatically generate you more referrals. It should help you reduce churn. It should help make your customers happy with your product.

After working with hundreds of online businesses, doing all the marketing for Bento myself, and scaling our consulting clients budgets to huge monthly spends, I've learned that putting in a few hours each day, for a few weeks upfront, can increase the performance of everything else that the company is doing — and all it takes is making it a priority now.

This challenge is exactly that: a way for you to prioritise your marketing by following my personal, proven playbook designed to take you from zero to a marketing hero in only 14 days.

It's free, it's effective, and it'll work on your online business.

Instead of reading another book or blog post about marketing, begin taking action and have an impact on your business today.

Your Plan

Every Monday, we send out an email to a batch of online owners just like yourselves and start the challenge. In it, you'll recieve simple instructions on how to get started and how to join the community. Sometimes there will be many in your group and other times you'll be the only one.

Each day you will be emailed with one specific objective to execute — ranging from theory to practical work that must be done. Whilst some objectives may feel small, by the end of the 14 days you will have built a system to be proud of. If you need help at any stage you can jump into the community to talk live, in real-time, with the owners of the business. We want you to win.

The curriculumn varies but the basic layout is roughly the following:

  1. Set clear objectives.
  2. Track your entire funnel.
  3. Create proper attribution tracking.
  4. Advertising risk analysis.
  5. Automate your data enrichment.
  6. Set up smart, automated segments.
  7. Create triggers based on behaviour.
  8. Clean up your email list.
  9. Optimize your email broadcasts for optimal delivery.
  10. Optimize your email funnels to convert.
  11. Optimize your email funnels to nurture customers.
  12. Optimize your email funnels to win-back customers.
  13. Build a dashboard to show all your hard work.
  14. How to plan for what's next.

Even if you're a pro marketer, you'll appreciate some of the lessons taught in even the most basic lessons. Each email is focused, to the point, and won't waste your time. Additionally, they'll all be accompanied with an easy to follow video to watch.

What to expect

14 days of guided emails starting the next Monday after you sign up the challenge. You'll also be invited to a private Discord community with access to the Bento Founder and other team members to get your questions answered ASAP.

Ready to go?

If this challenge sounds like something you want to do, and you're ready to prioritise your marketing, then simple opt-in below and get started. We can't wait to meet you and help grow your business.

*The challenge does not require a Bento account but it is recommended that you start your free trial as it'll be handy to have for a few items such as ad tracking.