Big Changes With Bento

Dear Bento’ers,

A few weeks ago we introduced the ability for you to place and schedule orders ahead of time. We did this to give a more predictable delivery experience, as well as make Bento a more sustainable business. Here is the second part of the story.

We have decided to put a pause on our on-demand business, as well as solely offer lunch service. This decision was not an easy one to make, and we have included more details below. Our last day of on-demand service will be today, Friday, February 26th.

We know that ordering in advance does not jive with everyone’s schedule, so we’re also excited to announce that we’ve expanded our partnership with our good friends at Caviar! If you’re still looking for Bento on-demand for both lunch and dinner, check out Fastbite by Caviar and order us there. (PS – Use promo code EATFAST and get $3 off!)

As always, thank you for being a Bento customer. If you have questions or comments, please say

Jason Demant & Vincent Cardillo (Bento cofounders)


Still want to know more about why we closed on-demand? Okay…here’s more.

We started Bento to give customers the best meal experience possible. Order your exact meal when you’re hungry, receive it minutes later, and it’s ready to eat. Your response was overwhelming. We grew… really fast.

Unfortunately that growth came at a cost. Our logistics were inefficient and made our true delivery cost higher than we’d like to admit. And on top of that, to facilitate speedy delivery, there was always extra food at the end of the night we didn’t end up selling. We tried several things, and forecasting our on-demand business was nearly impossible.

All of these made the business unsustainable. During the second half of 2015 we worked hard to improve these aspects, and made progress. But by December, we realized we still hadn’t made enough progress, and it was then that we decided it was time to shift.

With placing an order in advance, you can still order a healthy, sustainably sourced meal, with the exact sides you want. But you’ll need to order lunch by 10am.

We hope to re-introduce on-demand in the future. But for now, we think we’ve found a sustainable way to continue serving you Bento.

Thank you for being a Bento customer, and Bento On!