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Bento v1.1: Unagi — Product Update & Patch Notes

by bento
4 months ago

Welcome to the release of Bento v1.1: Unagi Patch. 

Here you'll find a list of hotfixes and product updates that address various issues related to Bento or provide new functionality. Some of the hotfixes below take effect the moment they were implemented, while others may require a database migration sometime over the next week to go into full effect. 

Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a login/logout. This list will be updated as additional hotfixes or updates are applied.


  • We've split visitor views into 4 primary areas:
    • Customers - people who are tagged as "customer" or have an LTV greater than 0. 
    • Subscribers - people who are known to have an email and haven't unsubscribed.
    • Unsubscribers - people who are known to have an email and have unsubscribed.
    • Anonymous - people who do not have an email.
  • We've built a new query builder to sort through your visitor records.
    • Includes over 30 different options included company record information.
  • You can now export any of the above views easily. It's a raw export of all data attached to each visitor as a .csv.
  • You can now add private notes to each visitor(i.e "has paid", "is a customer", "hot lead", "should follow up") manually in all views where visitor data is present. We use this in-house to track our top users and their behavior. Of course, this data is searchable via the query builder.


  • We've added a new concept called Tag Groups. Tag groups allow you to categorize your tags.
    • You can add a color to tag groups so to easily identify them in visitor views.
    • You can set a tag group as unique meaning that a visitor can only have one tag in the tag group. 
      • How this plays out: if a visitor is tagged as a "lead" then is tagged as a "customer" the "lead" tag will be removed.


  • We've released a new feature called Daily Digests which are reports that are sent once per day. 
    • We will be starting with 3 reports to begin with: 
      • A daily email about which companies have visited your website.
      • A daily email about who used your website today.
      • A daily email about who converted today and where they first came from (first touch). 
  • We've added a real-time traffic map. 
  • We've added a tag flow report that shows you how visitors are being tagged.
  • We've added a last seen report which shows you on a calendar when the last time visitors logged in was.
  • We've sped up the other 20 reports we have under the dashboard.

Email marketing

  • We've added a new report called Delivery Data. This enables you to report on all email activity over any time period. 
  • We've added the query builder to our email broadcast feature allowing you to be laser targeted with your emails.
  • We refined and cleaned up the workflow for both email broadcasts and email sequences. 
  • We changed our text email editor from Trix to a new editor that includes far more features.
    • You edit custom HTML in emails now.
    • You can add tables to your plain text emails.
    • You can highlight text, change font styles and more.
  • We changed our author signature creator to the new editor.
  • We refined our calculation for spam scores in the final steps of email broadcast creation.
  • Email sequences have been polished off to be easier to tab between different emails. 
  • Email broadcasts now send to most active visitors first (based on web visits) to help improve deliverability of emails.


  • Building surveys is now faster with less screens.
  • You can now add images to surveys.
  • You can now add videos to surveys.
  • We added analytics and refined targeting to surveys.
  • Form responses now tag visitors so you can target them later.


  • We've added a report called Ad Exposure which shows you which visitors, filtered with the builder, have been exposed to what ads. To use this, please turn on the advertising power up. 
  • We've added a report called First Touch Attribution which shows you which visitors, filtered with the builder, first touched what ad. This allows you to answer questions like "which ad campaigns are my customers coming from" or "what Facebook ad is performing best this month for new customers".


  • We've added a naked form builder.


  • You can now upload subscribers. 

Bulk operations

  • We've added three new bulk operations this month:
    • Check each subscriber and unsubscribe non-valid emails.
    • Enrich all existing subscribers with first name, last name and gender.
    • Remove all email tags from your subscribers (i.e [email protected] becomes [email protected]).


  • We've split conversations into 5 primary views:
    • Pending action - conversations who are awaiting to be assigned to an agent.
    • Subscribed - conversations who you've subscribed to. 
    • Unsubscribed - conversations you've unsubscribed to.
    • Archived - conversations that have been archived.
    • Everything - all conversations no matter their status.
  • You can add notes to the visitor record inside the above views.
  • We've refined how we consolidate our records so chats should be more accurate moving forward.
  • Visitors must authorize via email to get chat history if they login on another device.
  • Hey! inbox now loads 10x faster.
  • Added hotkey support for all conversations.
  • You can reply to visitors who are offline via email. 


  • We've added a new area called Boards which allows you to build out custom kanban boards to manage your tickets and issues meaning one less too to worry about.