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An update for the power users

10 months ago
You know, after over 12 months of just working deep on the product it's starting to get hard to keep track of all the goodies we've built "just because we can".

Features that you want only after you've been deep in a project and begin going the extra distance.

These are the features designed for our Power Users — the movers and shakers in the eCommerce industry. Most of these you can stitch together by combining one or two tools, but in true Bento fashion it's now all in the box for you.

Let me do my best covering them right now in a simple list so you can scan through.

This post will be edited and added to over time.

For email marketing
  • Data: we auto-unsubscribe spammers.
  • Data: we auto-unsubscribe people who will likely bounce.
  • Data: we can strip the "+" extensions people use in their emails.
  • Broadcasts: we let you stop sending at any time, allowing you to edit any mistakes before it hits the entire list. This is great when you have a broken link or image that you notice last minute OR if you're getting bad feedback from the first batch you've sent it to.
  • Broadcasts: before you send, send in batches (you decide quantity and time). 
  • Broadcasts: before you send, get a snapshot of users who will be sent it. 
  • Broadcasts: before you send, check for dead links automatically. 
  • Broadcasts: before you send, get your subject line scored (h/t @mbuckbee).
  • Broadcasts: schedule your newsletters on a gorgeous calendar.
  • Broadcasts: create newsletters by duplicating old ones.
  • Sequences: enable manual sending mode.
  • Sequences: one-click duplication of sequences.

For surveys
  • Survey: refresh the page when the user answers, applying personalisations instantly. This feature we use a lot in eCommerce and customers are blown away with how instant it feels. 
  • Survey: redirect a user based on their answer to a new landing page or download.
  • Survey: capture email addresses and tag them upon answering (pushes them straight into an email sequence). 
  • Survey: dive deep into the answers of each visitor.

For people tracking
  • Data: auto-identify users as they fill out forms on your website.
  • Data: auto-enrich an email address with gender, first name and last name without asking.
  • Data: auto-track when a user is frustrated.
    • Tracks slow load times.
    • Tracks when user rage refreshes.
    • Tracks rage clicks.
    • Tracks rapid scrolling.
    • Tracks backtracks.
  • Data: detect the users time of day, and personalise based on that.
  • Data: detect the users star sign (h/t Brendan Tully).
  • Email: tag visitors when they click on an email link with ?bento_tags=example,example2,example3.
  • Email: all email clicks will identify the visitor when they click on them, applying the correct personalisations valid for them. This is great for multi-touch attribution as we'll consolidate multiple records into one. 
  • Data: auto-tag visitors based on what pages they visit, or actions they take.
  • Reporting: beautiful report that shows when visitors were last seen in a calendar view.

For personalisation
  • Leverage blocks as a way to repeatably deploy custom HTML, JS and CSS to specific users. 
  • Blocks can now be shared publicly.

For tags
  • You can now group tags.
Consider yourself a power user? Want a feature added to the list?

Just send us a request here and we'll sort you out.