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The fastest way to merge your CSV exports together

10 months ago
Multiple times per week I find myself sitting down at my keyboard with the task of merging CSVs.

It's one of the most mundane tasks I find myself doing.

Most of the time I'm either exporting lists from Ahrefs.com for SEO research, or trying to import emails into Bento from other providers during our concierge on-boarding. 

A few years ago, I realised that I could type a few commands into my terminal and get the job done in seconds instead. If I was to continue doing this manually, it would take me hours. I estimate since I learned about this trick it's saved me MONTHS of time.

First up, open up terminal and navigate to the folder where you've put all your exported CSV files.
cd /desktop/your-folder/

Then run the following to merge all the files together.
cat *.csv > merged.csv

The first part of the script selects all CSVs and the second part names the file you're merging them into. 
Now run the following to open up the folder with your new merged file present.
open .

Simple, right? 

If you're an Excel fiend, then enjoy the hours upon hours you've just saved. Feel free to reach out on Twitter if you run into any issues or questions. Always happy to lend a hand.