Adding more rules to choose from in audiences (and other JS methods now available to you)

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It's been awhile since we turned our head in the direction of rules (or known in the web UI as Audiences & Segments), so over the weekend I decided to give it a little bit of love and added a bunch of new targeting options. Some of those are: 
  • Target by time of day (morning, evening, night).
  • Target by bots.
  • Target device (desktop or mobile).
  • Target user agent.
  • Target event count and session count.
  • Target timezone.
  • Target continent.
  • Target by UTM params.
  • Target any of these 85 attributes provided by Clearbit.
We're really excited to see what you all accomplish with these new settings, and we've got a few more planned in the works that we'll announce when they're ready. 
It's also worth mentioning that the following JS methods are now available to all customers:
bento.is_bot; // (returns true or false)
bento.is_mobile; // (returns true or false)
bento.is_ipad; // (returns true or false)
bento.time_of_day; // (returns "morning", "evening" or "afternoon")
These power our rules engine, but you can also use them for your own unique use cases and code implementations.

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