You can now reference a visitors time of day in your campaigns (email and web)

TL:DR {{ visitor.time_of_day }} is now an available Liquid tag in surveys, personalisations and email campaigns.
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Today, we just pushed up code that enables anyone to check the local time of their visitors to see if it's morning or evening. Why would you need that?
Well, selfishly I really wanted this for myself. 
In my projects and stores I add a non-generic salutation in my messaging (i.e using "Good Morning" or "Good Evening" instead of "Hey" in a survey) just for good measure. 
I can't quantify if it improves conversion rate, but I know that when I go to my local pub and they say it to me when I enter I get a better feeling than if they just said a generic hello. 
To use this simply write {{ visitor.time_of_day }} in your surveys, emails or personalisation campaigns and we'll return the following two values: "morning" or "evening".
You can also use conditional statements if you so desire.
{% if visitor.time_of_day == 'morning' %}  Put something here. {% endif %}
I can't wait to see what you all do with it! If you need help, just give us a yell via chat.

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