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Stop switching between 5 different apps to manage your businesses marketing. Bento is an Ecommerce CRM designed for tracking visitors, sending them emails, personalizing their experiences, surveying them and studying how they move around your site to help you sell more online. It's the new single point of truth for your business.

Everything you need, executed beautifully, for one simple to understand price. What's not to love?

What Does Bento Replace?

After installing Bento, on average, our customers replace ~5 different tools they were paying for.

Unlimited team members and sites per team!

For Ecommerce

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Works on any web platform!

For SaaS & Education Businesses

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Understand every visitors journey with automated and fast Event Tracking

Easily install a tiny Javascript snippet in the footer of your site and begin tracking everything you need; from page-views, clicks, form submissions, custom events and so much more!
  • copy + paste installation
  • beautiful API & lightning fast load times

How we use it at Bento: we dive deep into our visitor records to understand how visitors came to convert. We also use our data to detect frustration and broken pages.

Change your messaging based on who they are with Personalization

Your visitors deserve a better experience. With personalization campaigns you can automatically change your calls-to-action and content based on who they are and where they are in your funnel.
  • target based on location or behaviour
  • no screen flickering when applied

How we use it at Bento: we welcome back our customers with a concierge welcome and offer tailored messaging for people who come from affiliate partners.

Contact them via email at the right time, every time with Email Automation

Easily send abandoned cart messages and customized emails that drive sales and deepen customer relationships.
  • deploy emails in a few clicks
  • target based on tags
  • both drag 'n drop & simple email editors

How we use it at Bento: we send tailored demo emails based on what people have selected as their industry on our marketing site. We also use it for abandon cart campaigns.

Beautiful drag n' drop editor!

Ask questions and nudge them in the right direction with Surveys

Understand why decisions are being made about your brand, product or service with targeted, dynamic surveys.
  • redirect visitors based on answers.
  • apply targeted personalizations after answering
  • capture email addresses and tag users

How we use it at Bento: we ask our users what market they're in and then push them to schedule a demo or check out pricing (our main goals).

Test your best assumptions and hypotheses with A/B Testing
You want to make changes to your site, but how can you be confident they are making an impact? Our A/B testing engine let's you track conversions and the impact your personalisation campaigns are having on your visitors.
  • deploy in seconds
  • track impact across entire funnel
  • see confidence over time
Create the perfect daily and weekly dashboard with Custom Reporting
At Bento, we've built a custom reporting dashboard for you to create a place to find the answers that are important for you. We're launching new reports every month to make sure you get answers quickly.
  • report on anything you can imagine
  • live stream your visitor's activity
  • report on site errors, and visitor frustrations

Quickly send visitors one-off emails with Manual Emails
Navigate through your visitors and quickly send them one-off private messages, tailored just for them. Perfect for customer support or sales.
  • instant delivery
  • replies hit your personal inbox
  • easily switch between personas
Talk to your entire user base with Broadcasts (Coming Early 2019)
Coming in 2019, we're bringing our Bento customers a new vision of how email marketing should be handled with a focus on reducing anxiety and optimizing for personal efficiency.
  • new, improved QA process to send emails
  • calendar interface to schedule campaigns

Leverage minds of our marketing community with Blocks
Leverage our large library of Blocks — marketing widgets designed by our customers that will help you convert more.
  • over 100 blocks available for free
  • create your own private library
  • write HTML, JS and CSS using our code editor
Let your visitors know you're real with Live Notifications & Maps
With Live Notifications & embeddable maps, show your visitors that others trust you and you're worth their time.
  • trigger based on tags
  • add CTAs in your notifications
  • 100% live, not cached

Stop tab switching to get the job done: Bento combines all the best tools marketers need to get work done in a single, streamlined package. With everything in one place, you won't have to ever toggle between tabs or lose track of the experiences your customers are having.

Bento eCRM
Access to all features, from the start, for all customers — no feature blocking!
  • Unlimited sites per team
  • Unlimited users per team
  • Real-time event tracking
  • Email automation & drip sequences
  • Email broadcasting (Coming 2019)
  • Manual one-to-one email sending
  • Real-time landing page personalization
  • A/B split testing
  • Conversion & goal tracking
  • Dynamic, targeted surveys
  • Custom reporting & dashboard
  • Live notification widget
  • Embeddable visitor map
  • Access to our blocks library
  • Email capture widgets
  • Heatmaps and page analytics
  • Deep two-way Zapier integration
  • ... and so much more!

 Starting from $39 / month 
 $199 / month with Company Data
With predictable plans as you scale.

Mixpanel: analytics and email automation.
Only 60 day data retention.
VWO: point-and-click A/B testing.
Starting from $49 / month.
RightMessage: real-time personalization.
Starting at $99 / month.
Hotjar: user insights via click maps.
$29 / month once you get traffic.
Survicate: on-page surveys.
$49 / month for 500 responses.
MailChimp: email broadcasts.
$15 / month for over 2,001 subscribers.
UseProof: activity notification.
$79 / month for 10,000 visitors.
Clearbit: uncover anonymous businesses.
$499 / month (for GA only)

 Over $750/month for 50k visits/mo 
… multiplied as you grow!

Lightning fast — no flicker, no waste.

There are few things we value more than speed. That's why our Javascript snippets, and the servers that run them, have been optimized to load in under 100ms per request.

The minute we detect it hitting the upper limit of it, we scale up to ensure we can keep up with demand. If you're a retailer, then that means Bento stays up even when you're running your largest sales days. Black Friday, Christmas, Click Frenzy — nothing scares us.

Additionally, we make sure each request only loads the tests and customizations relevant to the user where they are in their journey. This means no more loading full libraries of all your campaigns (like our competitors do) and forcing them to download huge sets of data. Over 70% of the traffic served on Bento's network is on mobile and we know how precious download speeds are. This means that each real-time change your user experiences will be instantaneous, so much so it will seem like magic.

Autocapture activated by default.

Bento lets you automatically capture every visitors interaction: clicks, submits, transactions, emails, and much more. If you're a developer you can track unlimited custom events using our JS API and then analyze it all retroactively as you go. We'll even do our best at auto-identifying your visitors via email.

"Adding the script to my site literally took me less than 5 minutes, and has increased my bookings by 200%! I love how simple it is to get going, and the survey widget looks awesome without annoying users."

Gareth Bull, Email Octopus & Bulldog

Any other questions we can answer?

We do whatever it takes to make sure our customer service is the best in the business. Fast, friendly, knowledgeable, and often hilarious, you’ll feel like old friends in no time. Email us right now. We’ve been responding to emails in 9 minutes lately, so we’ll get back to you super fast!