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"Having one place to track my advertising, send emails, and engage with my customers has been game changing for our business. ”

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Bento gives you unlimited, real-time visibility into each customer's unique journey and helps you leverage email, SMS, and live chat to help future conversions happen faster (and more often). With all your data and marketing in one place you'll make less mistakes, move way faster, and sell more.

Track everything.

Bento gives you a complete dataset of every interaction your visitors have with your brand. Every click. Every view. Every ad. Every order. There’s only one script to install, and no need to decide in advance what to track. It just works out of the box.

Tracking begins from the first, anonymous click
Unlike other marketing platforms or email providers Bento tracks our visitors from the moment they visit your site anonymously meaning you get full visibility on the customer journey across multiple devices, sessions, and campaigns.
Track ads and revenue with lazer precision
See the entire breakdown of all your visitors, with full transparency into your data, and get to see how profitable your ads REALLY are. Bento provides tools to help you know when to scale up or down your campaign spending.

Engage at the right time.

With Bento's beautiful visual automation builder you can create custom visitor journeys that feel personal to each visitor, based on their events, actions, and orders. No matter the journey you want to build, it can be done in Bento!

Email, SMS, live chat, and more
No matter the channel Bento has you covered. Send messages across any channel based on behaviour, actions, or traits in real-time.
Powerful data-driven segmentation
Build segmentations based on any combination of visitor traits or event history. Easily target exactly who you want to talk to and be assured that your emails will only go to them.

Respond instantly.

Bento Conversations combines your conversations happening in your email inboxes, social media, and live chat into a single view. With Bento, it's simple for anyone on your team to respond to your marketing or support inbound conversations.

All channels supported
Talk to customers where they are at across social media, live chat, and email.
Mobile apps and Slack integration
Get notifications directly on your mobile phone and never miss another conversation with your customers again.

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