All-in-One Marketing Automation & Chat Software

The New Challenger in Ecommerce Marketing.

Bento is the only cost-effective marketing platform that provides high-grade, enterprise tooling for half the cost of your current marketing stack.

Designed to work flawlessly with Shopify, WooCommerce, Ruby on Rails apps, and any other eCommerce platform via our easy to install web snippet and Zapier (optional).


Lossless visitor tracking from anonymous to known.


Automate your SMS, email and chat messaging seamlessly.


Integrated live chat and team inbox to chat to visitors.


Real-time visualizations of your data as it happens.


Create actionable reports and daily digests to stay informed.

Before Bento: You've tried a few different email marketing, live chat, and, personalization tools with "meh" results — everything is sticky taped together, slow, and never quite works.

Selling online and growing your business is tough enough, and thanks to the "great marketing unbundling" we're now left sticky taping our marketing together to create the most intimate experiences on our sites.

It's a mess.

Alt-tabbing madness, tools that never sync, scripts that bloat sites to a halt, data inaccuracy, misfired emails, and a web of unanswered questions around tracking performance.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Because you just discovered Bento.

We've dedicated the last 3 years to building the tooling we always wanted and that you deserve.

Bento offers a fully intergrated all-in-one marketing platform with email, live chat, SMS, ad analytics, data visualizations, and so much more.

All your data is sycned perfectly, always, and you can execute your marketing & messaging strategies seamless in minutes, not hours.

Bento is a passion project, now available for the masses. Get started today and get ahead of your competition.

After Bento: Your site loads lightning fast with less scripts, your marketing is all in one place, your advertising attribution has been perfected, you're saving money, and the best part? You love logging in each day to do your work.

5 Reasons To Choose Bento Over Our Competition?

  • Your site will become faster.
    Bento removes the need to install another live chat, email marketing, or pop-up tool on your website — shaving hundreds of milliseconds off your loading times. Modules only load as needed and are customized to each individual visitor.
  • You will save money.
    Depending on what you replace with Bento you could possibly save hundreds or thousands off your monthly marketing stack bill. We know one customer saving $10, 000 per month off theirs.
  • You will create better marketing, faster.
    In Bento you can focus on getting the job done and move faster than ever before. Say goodbye to alt-tabbing and mismanaged automation chaos.
  • You will be supported.
    Unlike other marketing and chat tooling companies we're run by a small group of passionate marketers who are still in the work each day. We join our customer Slacks, regularly call them up to chat, and hold training sessions with their teams as needed.
  • You will be treated with respect.
    We know how hard it is to build a business online and we want to be there with you all the way — whether your starting or a gearing up to an IPO — the team is dedicated to getting you there. No challenge is too hard for our team.

Bento is omakase: you choose your path and how Bento works for you.

A team of chefs picked out the tools, designed the products, and arranged them on your behalf according to their idea of what would make for a accurate, high performance marketing platform.

Bento's menu can be both personal and quirky (we've seen some wild implementations) but ultimately the path you choose to integrate Bento is up to you.

Customers start using Bento for:

  • Our user-friendly live chat.
  • Our email marketing delivery rates.
  • Our next-level attribution tracking.
  • Our noninvasive surveys and pop-ups.
  • Our detailed user and usage analytics.

And stay with us for:

  • Our next level service.
  • Our obsession with accuracy.
  • Our constant progress.

But Bento isn't designed to appeal to the taste of everyone, everywhere. It's designed for marketers and creators who have been yearning for more out of their software, and want to work with a passionate, small team to bring that vision to life.

One script to rule them all.

Bento's easy to install script enables tracking, live chat, email capture, welcome banners, customer surveys, and so much more. All loaded only as needed, customized for each visitor, to keep your site lightning fast.

You will replace 2-3 other apps you were using to achieve the same job that Bento now does for you.

Improved email deliverability & accuracy.

Ever been sent the wrong email or SMS from a brand? It was because they weren't using Bento. Only Bento gives you access to every single channel on the one platform: SMS, email, and chat. Never misfire a wrong message again.

Lossless tracking.

Bento tracks your customers journey from their first, anonymous, ad click across multiple devices for LIFE.

Because every piece of customer communication from email broadcast to SMS abandon cart message is tracked inside our platform we are able to create unmatched accuracy in our reporting and analysis of your campaigns.

Know your performance better than your competition, and use us to verify other platforms accuracy.

See how much Bento costs

Plug-n-play installation.

Bento can take minutes to set up and plugs into almost any marketing stack online with a single copy and paste. If you use Shopify or Ruby on Rails then you have a 1-click plugin to get you started.

Phone and email support, for everyone.

Unsure how best to integrate the script? Need a hand creating an automation? Want help on strategy? The team is here to help you reach full integration and visibility within a day. Just contact our support team on live chat and schedule a call or just tell us what needs to be done and invite us to your account. We'll do it all for you; with you.

Free weekly classes + online training.

Every week we're releasing lessons, tutorials and training on how to best leverage Bento. Always be growing your skillset and knowledge.

Who else uses Bento?

From freelance marketers, to small eCommece shops, to large SaaS companies, to data obsessed organisations, Bento remains the go-to choice to improve their customer experience for their business.

Any other questions we can answer?

We do whatever it takes to make sure our customer service is the best in the business. Fast, friendly, knowledgable, and often hilarious, you’ll feel like old friends in no time. Talk to us on chat right now.

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